Whatever your intentions are -  to get free oils or to supplement, replace, increase your income – you can create your own authentic business with doTERRA.

Personally, I love being a part of an ethical company that generously compensates you for sharing their product, especially when I would be sharing these oils regardless.


For me and the majority of doTERRA Wellness Advocates, this is more than just an essential oils business.  

It’s about:  

+  helping people to find natural solutions for their health and well-being

+ using your creativity and your gifts to serve a community

+ being a part on an incredible spiritual and personal development program – in fact it’s the most powerful life and business coaching that I have ever received

+  sister and brotherhood – there’s the potential to forge real connections with like-minded people

+ being a part of a wellness revolution that is changing lives every day

The Wellness Advocate + doTERRA’s Powerful Compensation Plan

When it’s time for you to dive into your business (no time like the present), your role is to educate and empower others to live a doTERRA lifestyle by creating their own membership accounts and being a part of doTERRA’s incredible Loyalty Rewards Program. You can do this through many different vehicles but the most powerful is to host essential oil classes. P.S. don’t freak out! You will get so much training, support and hand holding through this process.

So that you can share the products with a great deal of personal insight, knowledge and love, a Wellness Advocate is required to activate their Loyalty Rewards Program and to have a minimum purchase of 100PV/month. This qualifies you to receive the generous compensation plan.


This table gives you a rough idea of the potential income you can make as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

It shows the different ranks and timeframes. Please note that everyone is different. Some people can achieve these ranks much faster and others slower. Due to this your income amount will vary. Just remember - this is your journey and your business.

Just think, if it took seven years to create a 6-figure residual income, that’s money that you would have coming to you for the rest of your life. I don’t know about you, but in this instance I wouldn’t mind being the tortoise that wins the race.

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Why have a business with  doTERRA? 

+ Largest Essential Oils Company in the world
+ Debt-free with no outside interest or funding
+ Led by a team of healthcare, business and marketing professionals with 150 years of combined experience.
+ Part of a trillion dollar wellness industry and is number 1. the direct selling company in the US
+ Powerful Compensation Plan
+ doTERRA has a 68% retention rate, meaning that after joining 68% of customers reorder. Most direct selling companies average 10%. 
+ doTERRA's Co-impact Sourcing Agreement and its Healing Hands Foundation means that they are partnering with growers globally. Furthermore they are preserving agricultural traditions and investing in developing countries. 

How will I support you in your business? 

Another reason why I love doTERRA is that when others rise, we rise too. I personally mentor people from all walks of life, musicians, singers creatives, stay at home Mums as well as up and coming bloggers. 

You will receive: 

+ Weekly 1 on 1 Builders Training
+ Access to oils and business training videos
+ Exclusive membership to my builders Facebook Groups
+ Access to a networking opportunities with inspiring, experienced wellness entrepreneurs and professional development  
+ Free Website to get you started (through doTERRA). 

READY? You can either: 
*Be sure to choose 'Wellness Advocate' when enrolling